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Are you student and interested to participate in the coming DEBUT. event? More information can be found here.

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Denkt u dat uw bedrijf een interessante toevoeging kan zijn op het komende DEBUT.event?

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PRE.event |
c.v. check & LinkedIn photo

Do you have an outstanding C.V.? Supair will check yours in order to make you optimally prepared for the coming DEBUT.event. More information about the pre-event can be found here.

DEBUT.event |
company cases

As a student you will work on a case made by the partaking companies. More information about the companies will be announced soon. More information about this event can be found here.

DEBUT.workshop |
interactive workshop

Enginear will compose an interactive workshop during the DEBUT.event about improving your chances on the job market. More information about the workshop can be found here.

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The DEBUT.event is commissioned by the Building Technology practice association BouT, seated at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (BK City) of the TU Delft. BouT is an association for students, alumni, promovendi, researchers and commercial companies. The aim of BouT is simple: bringing students and industry closer together. Within our network we have the goal to exchange knowledge and experience of the today’s building technologies.

DEBUT.event has been founded to physically offer the opportunity for students and industry to intensify their contacts. Building technological students and companies will partake in this event in which they will work on various cases, supported by workshops and lectures. The DEBUT.event 2018 is the third in an annual series.

The Latest News

Just a few weeks until DEBUT.event and we are pleased to introduce you to the next participating company and also a new main sponsor of BouT! Peoplehouse will attend DEBUT.event 2017 in collaboration with DPA Cauberg-Huygen! This is an interesting and promising combination of a young innovative company and an experienced engineering firm. Technology is […]


Saint-Gobain Glass will attend the DEBUT.event 2017. Saint-Gobain, known for its outstanding glass products and -applications, will provide a case focusing on new technologies within the glass industry. You must have heard about Saint-Gobain Glass once. This is very likely since Saint-Gobain Glass is among the 100 biggest companies on earth. They have started over […]