The central theme of Debut 2021 is “Energy Transition in the Building Industry”. It is focused on the integration of renewable energy and smart material within the building footprint as well as the neighbourhood and city scale. Decarbonisation of the Building Industry to zero-carbon can be achieved through Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency measures, enabled by information technology, policy frameworks and market instruments. We hope to start the conversation about Energy Transition between Debut participants and different stakeholders involved in the energy transition of the built environment.

Wed, 15th September, 13:00 – 15:30
Room R, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture

This pre-event, hosted by Enginear, will help prepare participants for the main event with a CV check, Professional Portraits and Workshop for Networking & Presenting yourself. The workshop will be focused on sharpening your communication and presentation skills crucial for networking and pitching your case challenge during the Main Event of Debut 2021.

Upload your most updated CV by 24th September, before the Main Event!

Wed, 29th September, 08:30 – 18:30
Orange Hall, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture

During the Main Event, companies and students will have the opportunity to network as well as work on a case challenge surrounding the topic of Energy Transition. Through the case challenge, students will be able to collaborate with a company that suits their interests, such as computational & climate design to urban design. By imagining potential solutions to the challenges of energy transition, companies and students are also able to envision a future of zero carbon. urgently. 

Find out more about the companies and representatives attending the event!

Job Schroën | TU Delft

Paul Carew | Buro Happold, Berlin

Andy van den Dobbelsteen | TU Delft

Sevil Sariyildiz | TU Delft