Saint-Gobain Glass the 7th

Saint-Gobain Glass will attend the DEBUT.event 2017. Saint-Gobain, known for its outstanding glass products and -applications, will provide a case focusing on new technologies within the glass industry.

You must have heard about Saint-Gobain Glass once. This is very likely since Saint-Gobain Glass is among the 100 biggest companies on earth. They have started over 350 years ago in the middle of France. Over this period they have grown towards the market leader of Europe and now they are even second in the world. Saint-Gobain Glass is mainly focusing on the residential market. Besides they are active on the industrial market such as the automotive, health, defense and security industries. In the Netherlands you could know them for: Oostervaarderskliniek in Almere or the Dutch institute for sound and vision.

Who does not want to get in touch with Saint-Gobain Glass? Do not let this chance untaken and register here for the DEBUT.event 2017!

See you there!