Theme 2020

The central theme of Debut.Online 2020 is “Circularity in the Building Industry.” It is focused on the adaptation of circular thinking in the design and development of buildings.

Image source: Circular Built Environment Hub- TU Delft

In recent years, many EU nations, including the Netherlands, are aiming to move towards a circular economy. The document “A circular Economy in the Netherlands by 2050” published in 2016 by The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, gives an overview of the goals from the side of the Dutch government. The main ambition is to reduce 50% of primary raw materials by 2030 so that by 2050 raw materials can be used and reused efficiently without harmful emissions to the environment.

Its well known that the building industry is a significant contributor to the overall CO2 emissions. Hence, it can allow for companies linked to the sector to also create considerable impact by helping in reducing these emissions. This can be done in the form of new approaches to design, technology or changes in their working methods and project evaluation standards.

Debut.Online calls for companies to reflect on their philosophy and develop cases that address the future of the company in achieving these Circular goals. The info-graphic shown gives a perspective of the different aspects in which circularity can have an impact. The following questions along with the info-graphic provides a framework on which the Company cases are developed in collaboration with the Debut Committee.

  • Where does the company’s core specialization stand concerning promoting circular building systems for the future?
  • How will the company’s current practices, work-flows, and methods adapt to promoting circularity?
  • What are the current and future construction trends aimed at addressing in achieving the circular goals?
  • How can the expertise of building technology/ civil engineering students be used to achieve these goals?

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