The central theme of Debut 2021 is “Energy Transition in the Building Industry”. It is focused on the integration of renewable energy and smart material within the building footprint as well as the neighbourhood and city scale. Decarbonisation of the Building Industry to zero-carbon can be achieved through Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency measures, enabled by information technology, policy frameworks and market instruments. The world is transitioning to renewables, electricity based technologies, carbon-free and intelligent energy systems within the built environment. Among others, the UN Sustainability Goals aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all. These developments and goals raise the urgent need for high quality education on a vast scale. 

We hope to start the conversation about Energy Transition between Debut participants and different stakeholders in the energy transition in the built environment – from architecture design studio, engineering & consultancy firms to developers and municipalities. Our event will include representation from different stakeholders that are part of creating our built environment to allow students to participate in a case challenges that require multi-disciplinary collaboration and solutions. Debut 2021 calls for companies to reflect on their vision and philosophy to develop cases that address the future of the company in achieving energy transition in their current and future projects.

Stakeholders involved in the Energy Transition in the Building Industry

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