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DEBUT.event 2018 | Student registration form
Welcome. Good to see that you are interested in participating in the upcoming DEBUT.event!

Immediately after completing this from we ask you to upload your c.v., make sure it is updated. We can only confirm your registration if you upload your c.v. You will be able to register for the DEBUT.workshop by Enginear after filling in this registration form. Signing up for the workshop will take place on the website of Enginear. The workshop will cover the topic of job interviewing and profiling yourself on the job market. Although it is not obligatory, we think attending this workshop will be beneficial for students that will enter the job market in the coming years!

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2) DEBUT.event 2018 participation
We would like you to answer the following questions. We will use this input to place you with the right case. It is not possible to sign up for a specific company.
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First come, first serve.
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3) Finally, I am a BouT Student / BouT Alumni member *
Participation costs: BouT member FREE. Not a BouT member: €5. (lunch & drinks included). Want to join the event and become a BouT member: €10
The Enginear workshop. *
During the DEBUT.event you have the chance to take part in a lunch-workshop by Enginear. Enginear will tell you everything you need to know about job interviewing and profiling yourself when you enter the job market after your graduation. Signing up for this workshop is possible after completing this form and you will be directed to the website of Enginear. Without a registration on the Enginear website you cannot participate in the workshop! The workshop takes place during the break of Debut and is free for all Debut participants. Last remark: there is a maximum of 50 students for this workshop!
I hereby allow Praktijkvereniging BouT to withdraw the full amount of €5 (non-BouT member) from my bank account. The amount will be withdrawn as a one-time transaction in the last week of May. *
IBAN Bank account number (For non-BouT Members)
Please use IBAN format (example: NL99 INGB 0123 456 789). We cannot accept other forms of payment.
I allow the organisation to send my c.v. to the participating companies of DEBUT.event 2018 *
All the participating companies have the possibility to have 1 on 1 conversations with a handfull of students from their case group. Selection is based on the resumes. Upload your CV now in the following link or later on the website * Remark * Uploading your CV is compulsory to be registered successfully.
Please Upload your C.V
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The attending companies take this day very seriously and therefore we expect your full commitment during the event. During the day, we cannot and will not accept you leaving the event for other obligations. Debut is based on the idea to connect students with the professional workfield of Building Technology. We challenge you to use this day efficiently and talk to as many companies as possible....and of course to have a great day!
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